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Norm Wilson RIP

Discussion in 'Snow Talk' started by snow drive solutions, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. snow drive solutions

    snow drive solutions Hard Yards Ski Pass: Silver

    Nov 26, 2019
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    Norman Wilson, “Mr. Konig snow chains”, passed away last week (17.04.2020)
    Norm was a good friend, an industry colleague, and was always interested to have chat about my race car. Norm was well known within the ski industry and the Hotham ski community. Condolences to Liz.

    This personal message from Nigel Tait highlights Norm’s talent as an engineer.

    "To our Repco Brabham friends I’m sorry to be the bearer of sad news. I’ve just heard that Norman Wilson passed away today. I don’t know much more other than he’d been ill for quite some time. Norman was an exceptionally talented engineer and though his specialty was in racing car engine design that is only a fraction of the extent of his talents and achievements. Notably Norman designed the cylinder block of the 700 series Repco Brabham engines once it became apparent that the ones sourced from GM in the USA were no longer available. But his design talents in respect to Repco Brabham engines went way further. Prior to all this Norman had been a research engineer at Repco Research and in his later years apart from actively being a highly respected consultant design engineer he combined his talent and love for snow skiing by operating a snow chain business. I know that this involved Norman in close collaboration and visits to a major European wheel chain manufacturer.
    On a personal note I have to thank Norman for his advice that the snow skiing in the lovely Italian resort of Cervinia was as good as it gets. It is. Norman was a wonderful person and it’s a real shame that his passing should come at a time when large gatherings are not permitted since his many many friends would surely have wished to be in person for his farewell.
    Our love to Liz. RIP Norman"
  2. trappers

    trappers Safety not guaranteed Moderator Ski Pass: Gold

    Jul 28, 1999
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    An airport
    As the son of one of the founding Members of Trapdoor Ski Club and lodge manager there for many years, I knew Norm and his wife Liz quite well. Liz was a member of Trapdoor while Norm was a member of Ettamogah. He and his wife were one of my mum and dads best friends. I fondly remember them and saw them last at Trapdoor's 50th anniversary dinner a few years ago.

    RIP Norm.
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