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Question Nozawa Onsen Rental, Day care etc

Discussion in 'Japan' started by ShaunQuigley, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. ShaunQuigley

    ShaunQuigley Hard Yards

    Aug 9, 2019
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    Flights and accomodation booked for Nozawa Onsen. Our 1st time in Japan. Wife and I both intermediates. 5yr old with 3-4 weeks under his belt and a 3 yr old who'll have his first snow (hopefully) at Falls Creek in 2 weeks.

    We are staying at Shiro apartments which is near the Furasato Onsen so Hikage will be our base. I have read on other threads the Shiarakab in the Mos burger is good for rental, is that sitll the case? Is it worth booking online in advance (we usually do, but like i said never skied in Japan).

    Would my wife and I have to get powder skis? I have almost no powder experience (very ltitle in Snowbird and Lake Louise) and i was crap. Seems like a good opportunity to get some skills.

    The Nozawa ski school seems to operate out of the Hikage area, is that right? I would like our 3 year old to be able to join group lessons (like he would be able to in Europe). Website seems to imply group lessons only for 4 year olds. Anyone got around this? Will have had some on ski time already and is of course toilet trained. Spends 3 days a week at daycare at home so no issues with independence. Is it necessary to book ski school and adult lessons online in advance?

    Do people book lift passes on line before going? Is it necessary? How do do it?

    Has anyone used the Yumin day care? Not keen on this and hope to sort out lessons for 3 yr old but might need some time there. Are there private nannies (English speaking) in Nozawa?

    In terms of getting back to the village from Hikage, is there space to leave skis and boots at Hikage and swap into normal boots?

    Finally, Mountain Pros, I'd never heard of them until recently. Are they a good option for private lessons for our 3 year old? I don't think the 3 and 5 year old are good for a private lesson together. 5 year old was doing blues and odd black in Whistkler/Lake Louise this year.


  2. hatto One of Us Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 2, 2006
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    Your access to Hikage will be via Yu Rd- travelator, return to village will be the same.
    If you hire at Shirakaba you can store your skis overnight, boots drying room etc
    Never rented so not sure on the availability but usually there is enough, unless you have big feet.
    Skis probably about 95-105 wide but skiers will chime in here (im Boarder)
    Never lessoned but always are plenty around, did you book through local or booking agent? (some places have own instructors, hire equipment)
    Never pre-booked a lift ticket, no need to, plus there are some meal deals on certain days as well.
  3. Medicine_Shoes

    Medicine_Shoes Hard Yards

    Dec 9, 2018
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    You should be able to get cheaper lift tickets through your accommodation when you get there. A lot of the inns in Nozawa do deals if you are staying a certain amount of days. I would pre book your ski and boot hire as Shirakaba can be chaotic first thing in the morning. Then at least they know you are coming so will have someone set aside to fit your gear if need be. Also I don't think it would be necessary to pre book lessons, although you haven't told us when you are going.
  4. Lady Penelope

    Lady Penelope One of some lot ... Ski Pass: Gold

    Sep 7, 2014
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    You won’t need powder skis unless you intend doing a lot of off-piste skiing. Standard skis (what you’ll usually be offered at rental outlets) will be fine otherwise. And yes lessons operate out of the Hikage area. I would definitely pre-book if you are going during a holiday period as they become very busy.
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