On mountain food. Remarkables and Coronet.


Hard Yards
Jul 26, 2009
Sydney, Brisbane.. what day is it?
Hi all,

I'm Travelling with family to QT soon and need some help with available food options on mountain for The Remarkables and possibly Coronet Peak.

My wife and 5 year old are Gluten Free. We will take some nutbars, snacks, fruit etc up in the backpack but I'm trying to find what menu options are available up the hill.

What would be awesome is it someone can post a photo of the menus.

Planning to Ski mostly the Remarks but we'll see what conditions do.

Happy wife happy life.

Thanks in advance.


One of Us
Mar 3, 2018
I haven’t been to Remarks since 2019, but from memory, the eating establishments there have always had gluten free options. They should have menus published on their website. They definitely existed the last time I went looking.

All the places to eat are in the base building that you go through to access the mountain. There’s a fast food option, a slightly fancier option that does good hot meals (e.g. curries, nachos, soups, etc.), and the cafe that does coffee, cakes and breakfast options.
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