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Question Opening Weekend

Discussion in 'Selwyn' started by Pottsy, May 7, 2019.

  1. Pottsy

    Pottsy Hard Yards

    Jun 17, 2011
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    Does Selwyn usually open on the opening long weekend? Does anyone have a general guide for how much terrain/lifts would be open assuming there no/minimal natural snowfall?
  2. Jonathan_P

    Jonathan_P One of Us Ski Pass: Silver

    Dec 22, 2018
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    Generally not much for June long weekend. Last year there was no skiing from memory, year before there was skiing but minimal terrain.

    The low altitude makes the start and end of the season a bit of a gamble. But always the first to announce 100% terrain open.

    We have friends that ski there regularly.
  3. LibertyTS

    LibertyTS Hard Yards Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 16, 2017
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    Braidwood, NSW
    Yeah, Selwyn is kinda potluck opening weekend. It is pretty rare for them to have any decent coverage at that stage. As for their snow making ability, they are getting better and better, but they really do need the help of some natural falls to kick off their season. You are safer betting on a Selwyn trip from mid-July through August, unless you live close-ish and can just drive down whenever like I tend to.

    I ended up there a few times a year with my 7 & 8 yr old girls as it's just easier and they don't get to ski often (Live on the Gold Coast with my Ex) enough yet to keep their skill level up. I have been lucky the last few years and ended up their after\during decent falls and have enjoyed myself enough, especially once my girls come out of their morning lesson and I get to spend my afternoon laughing with them as they repeat their ski-stack-giggle-stack-giggle-ski...... process.

    You planning a family trip?
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  4. IAB

    IAB A Local Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 20, 2005
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    The Shire, Sydney
    It's open today, see other thread.