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Discussion in 'Passport' started by Beerman, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Sick of getting robbed at the hire car desk for CDW??

    After looking at the Rental Co. offerings for CDW and LDW coverage and the exorbitant pricing, I thought I would search to see what is available on line.
    After plenty of searching, I came across a third party website that provides Insurance cover for just this purpose. The site is Rentalcover.com. Cover and pricing seems competitive.

    I'd like to know what others have done in the past, and any other websites out their that cover CDW and LDW Insurance for this purpose.

    I'm not interested in Credit card Insurance as;
    1. Not everyone has a Credit Card
    2. Major limitations or holes exist in their cover
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    Also interested.
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    There’s a whole discussion in the canada forum

    One option that I’m aware of and worked out about half the cost of rental compny insurance.

    Shop around for car rental (assuming you get in early enough) and many of the rentals exclufing large SUVs include the insurance.

    The only risk if you buy your own insurance is if an accident occurs, the rental company will automatically slug you the lot and you’re left to revover your costs from the insurance company afterwards