Overnight trip at lake mountain?


Hard Yards
Aug 18, 2008
A few mates are keen to do a first overnight trip, but haven't had much time on snow, so i'm after a easy place to introduce them to. I don't spend much time in VIC BC but have read some pretty good things about lake mountain.

Is there a snow shoe access to a hut or overnight spot in lake mountain area at all?



One of Us
Ski Pass
Jul 1, 2005
The Foothills
If you carried in a snow shovel of some sort, you could (hypothetically, of course) clear snow from the fireplace at the roofless Boundary Hut and light a fire so that you could have a more comfortable night. There are much nicer huts on Mt. Stirling, with fireplaces, toilets, even firewood, if you are lucky. Lake Mtn is more accessible from Melb. and easier skiing/snowshoing, so it just depends what you are after.
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