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Nov 17, 2021
Located in Smiggin Holes, IMBAC is an on snow lodge accommodation for members and their guests. We currently have memberships available and would love to welcome new members to the club.

IMBAC is a not for profit ski lodge that gives any profits back to the club to promote and develop skiing and boarding. Becoming a member is easy! You just need to be referred by an existing member of the club. This ensures the safety of our members and their guests.
Membership allows you to book the lodge accommodation at the lowest possible rate and be involved in Junior or Senior Training on allocated weeks.
The Junior Training program, which is primarily funded and run by the club, introduces young members of the club to skiing and allows them to grow in the enjoyment and community of the sport. The goal of Junior Training is to harness and develop the individual skills and competencies of participants in a safe environment, giving them access to their full potential. IMBAC prides itself in the spirit of sportsmanship and enjoyment encouraged and upheld by all participants of this program. The instructors are members of IMBAC.
Senior Training is offered to members who wish to represent the club in interclub races such as the Smiggin’s Bowl.
We have three membership types:
  • Senior membership
  • Junior membership (<18 years of age).
  • Life membership
Membership fees are payable on joining. Children of members may become junior members upon payment of a reduced joining fee. Upon reaching eighteen (18) years of age, junior members become eligible for Senior Membership upon paying a membership fee. Spouses/ Partners of Senior Members are eligible for Senior Membership after the Senior Member has been with the club for a period of five (5) years. This is also at a reduced rate.
Senior members must referred by an existing contributing Senior Member and all new members but be approved by the Board of IMBAC.
All Senior Members must pay annual subscriptions which are set by the board and due in the first quarter of the year (A notice will be issued for this). Memberships are held for life unless subscriptions remain unpaid for two (2) years.
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