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Apr 21, 2004
Are you denying that it’s become busier over the last 10 years?
I don't think its become busier at its busiest times. The lines are around the same.
Rather its busier for more days per season than it used to be.
This season was great though..

Jasper Schwarz

Young but not afraid
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Jun 18, 2017
Northern Beaches, Sydney,
As another aside, I have a huge advantage on (probably) all of you. I have never known the alternative. My entire memory has been based on 30 minutes queues at the ridge and line ups at the freedom. When you have nothing to compare its great. It is what made it special this year, and (ironcally) is hopefully why next year sucks.

You just have to get smarter about where you are at when, and being more active in moving around the resort.
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Jun 27, 2015
Tooma , NSW
Are you denying that it’s become busier over the last 10 years?
No ,not denying that some places are much busier while some not so much. Overall more punters on the hills these days but lots of learners/beginners and lots of wannabees/need to be seen types these days. These types dont bother me much because they either dont/cant or are short time players at the places I choose to ski. For example I know that one place I frequent gets busy around 10am but is pretty much deserted again by 11am so I just go early ,ski off and come back later. Other places I just avoid a lot ,even though I like them I dont like them that much to wait 1/2 hour for a run.
Basically these days you need to ski smarter and sometimes compromise a bit on venue but its all good really.
I dont think my average runs per day has changed much to be honest.
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