Advice needed Planning our trip to the Victorian resorts (Winter 2021)


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May 7, 2017
Given we're not going to be time pressured, I think we'll likely err on the side of caution and take the scenic route to avoid unnecessary problems. Seems like this its a fairly safe route, hopefully its not a bum steer LOL
I like this route. It's the easiest driving route with a caravan. You also have the option of visits to Mt Baw Baw, Lake Mountain and few days in Bright.
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Jan 7, 2004
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Is the second route doable? I didn't think that you could get from adaminby uptowards Yarrangobilly in winter.

I don't know a lot, just things I have seen and over heard so I'm not 100% sure. Could well be wrong

Bro - they are building snowy 2.0 via this road. Full of truck and dogs and big stuff going in and out. A bit tight in places, but if they can get get trucks and machinery in on it a small pop top won't be a problem.


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Jun 10, 2005
northern rivers
Not legally.... but it may not always be obvious to casual passers by or resort staff that a parked vehicle may be temporarily occupied, especially at night, especially for someone arriving late at night and onto the snow 1st thing.

Obviously not safe, desirable or practical from a resort pov.

An occupied vehicle in the same spot in overnight parking for multiple nights with obvious signs of habitation - light, movement, drying gear etc. would be immediately noticeable and resort staff would ask people to move on without doubt.

There are some spots just off approach roads some distance outside the resorts or in State Forest which are less visible and prominent where overnight vehicle camping may be less obvious.

Parks Vic, the resorts and local police are mainly not in favour - frequently for good reason.

For Falls Creek Camp Creek below Bogong is an established Parksvic campground outside Mount Beauty which gets quite a bit of multi-night attention in the season.

Some regulars know places where they can lurk in peace and quiet....
Thanks for reply, appreciate it.


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Apr 18, 2015
Just for a taste, this is the road up by Hotham in Summer. The road down to the valley is quite twisty. So a bit of work. I’d probably prefer not to tow a camper in the middle of winter over there, considering other drivers about as well.

I wouldn't want to tow in winter.
You could take your time past some icy bits (etc) only to have someone putting pressure on you and trying to get past...
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