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Shruti Nargundkar

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Aug 4, 2014
We, my two young daughters and I are planning to visit Lake Mountain from Melbourne, bringing with us my elderly mother who has never seen snow! She has had two knee replacement surgeries, so we don't want her to get out in the snow. We intend to come in for only a short while, have a picnic lunch and just look around.

I will be driving a diesel AWD - do I need to add anything? What about chains for tomorrow - the 5th of August 2014?

Any tips, advice, warning would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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Oct 16, 2004
Narbethong, Vic
Shruti, You won't need chains for tomorrow. Further, you never need chains.for a 4WD for Lake Mountain.
Drop in to Mystic Mountains Ski Hire in Narbethong - on the left, opposite the CFA, public phone box outside, and we'll look after all your needs. I'll probably suggest that she takes warm and waterproof boots with good tread (so that she won't slip) and gloves. If she has warm clothing and only wants to sit in the bistro and look out the window, that is fine with us. We won't try to hire you clothing that you don't need. Your daughters though, will probably want more snow-related clothing and we can kit them out in the right things for that. When you drop in, ask for Rosemary :)
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