Question Private Winter Accommodation over the Winter in/near to a Japanese Resort


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Jun 11, 2021
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Myself and my girlfriend were hoping to spend this coming winter in Japan so I wanted to ask around regarding accommodation options and put some feelers out to see if anyone on here knew of anything suitable.
I have done a season in Niseko in the past but I was working for a company there so it was all pretty straightforward, however this time we'd need private accommodation because we both work online. We're open to pretty much any ski resort as we used to live in Tokyo and we love Japan, so we'd be happy with just local restaurants and an onsen rather than the party scene; but we would need good WiFi to work off of. I speak some Japanese so it wouldn't necessarily have to be a massively English-speaking resort/town but I realise that it'd probably be easier to find a place around Niseko (most likely Kutchan) seeing as how many foreigners own property there.
We're pretty flexible on dates but we're planning on doing pretty much a full season there, so roughly from November to April. We would need separate rooms to work in as well so it'd have to be bigger than a studio flat.
Let me know if you think you can help!
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Lucky Pete

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Nov 14, 2014
Unless you have visas now I would come up with another plan for this winter, we dont see the borders being open. If you have visas now or the borders some how open up, also look at Hakuba, Myoko etc. All those places have FB pages you can advertise on. No rush though but understand if you want a 2 bedroom apt its not going to come cheap so start saving as much as you can.


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Jun 2, 2009
Everybody wants a 2BR place for less than $100 a night. Truly, get these requests all the time.

Best thing to do is base in a central town, somewhere like Iiyama or Nagano where you'll get a cheaper deal. Then get a long term deal on a rental car.
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