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Outdoor Gear Pulk set-up

Discussion in 'Gear Swap' started by Moondog55, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Moondog55

    Moondog55 One of Us

    Mar 3, 2014
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    Selling my gear hauling set-up
    Paris Expedition sled plus Paris SnowSnake
    Can hold enough gear and food for a couple, a secondary haul harness comes with it to share the load, just needs a long length of rope to utilise it, works well for help on the uphill.
    Home made harness, fibreglass hauling rods with SS eyes at each end. small screw connectors
    Sale includes foam mat in the bottom of the sled, the carabiners for attaching, a good length of polyester cord and my basecamp foam mat 20mm thick.
    The thick blue foam mat cost me $100- at Clark rubber, it has some serious insulation.
    Included if wanted is my old FairyDown attack tent which still has some life left in it and any or all of my spare tent poles.
    Sleds have aluminium skegs fitted and all fittings are either stainless or galvanised where it is important
    Safety flag so you can find the sled in a hurry also included
    Asking $400- OBO for the lot I would prefer not to separate
    More pix available if interested

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