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Review Qantas FF Points Redemption - Emirates First Class Christchurch to Sydney

Discussion in 'Flights' started by Shoey, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Shoey

    Shoey Hard Yards

    Aug 12, 2018
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    For our return leg from CHC we booked a Qantas points redemption on Emirates First Class. We first learnt of this from PointHacks https://www.pointhacks.com.au/reviews/emirates-a380-first-class-trans-tasman/

    TL;DR; it was well worth it. The flight is a secondary function, experiencing the product was what its all about.

    Cost: 54K Qantas points per person one way. Taxes was $80AUD pp. We got our points from a credit card signup that gave 100K pts.

    Preflight Lounge: Since CHC is a small airport, you just get a shared business lounge. The tradeoff is that if you are flying from Sydney you get the full Qantas First Class Lounge but the flight is just 2hrs, whereas on the return leg the lounge is ordinary but the flight is 3hrs.

    The Seat: The first class section was virtually empty, so we could choose wherever we wanted. My wife & I chose aisle seats so we can pair up. The seat comes with its own button operated pop up minibar:

    The flight experience: We were given a menu to pick our 3 course dinner. I had gravalax, lamb shank and cheese board. They also asked if we wanted to use the onboard shower and of course I said yes, which they will prepare post dinner. With the starter Dom Perignon is offered and the steward recommended the Rose:

    After dinner I walked to the bar which is shared with Business class:

    and then the have-to-try-once, the onboard shower. The shower is timed to 5mins:

    My Thoughts overall: OK wow - so this is how the 1% lives. It does feel a bit over the top, and the attention given by the staff made me feel self conscious and felt like an imposter. In between the meal, bar & shower the 3hrs just went by like a flash and it never felt like a flight at all. It's absolutely worth the points cost and I got my value from the drinks consumed alone ;)

    I've never got off a flight so refreshed, and gave something to look forward to up to the last day of the holiday. I probably won't do it again to save the pts, but when I go to NZ again I'd opt for Business which I was told (at the bar) that just cost around $200 more than Econ.

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