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    All new posts to Noticeboard are moderated against these guidelines prior to publishing for public viewing.

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    - NO Accommodation or Travel offers*
    - All Noticeboard postings must be alpine industry related.
    - Spam will be deleted.
    - ALL CAPS HEADLINES will be deleted.

    Permitted Notices.
    Permitted notices include offers of employment, details about competitions, events, gigs, new websites or apps, instructor courses or retail sales, also press items, news & information from industry businesses, ski club memberships for sale and other items of general interest. If in doubt please email support @

    Gear Swap
    Ski clothing and equipment items for sale should be placed in Gear Swap

    *Accommodation and travel offers are not permitted in these forums - if you wish to promote an accommodation or travel offer then please use our SkiAd Classifieds
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    A word on preparation.

    If you post an event or product on here, the people who read it will pretty much give it one read and one read only. It will only come up once in the active topics list - and that is when most people will see it.

    So the things you want to cover are:
    - What it is.
    - What it can do for the person buying it or attending it.
    - Who is involved
    - How much it costs
    - Links to relevant websites for more information

    These are the biggest snowsports forums in the Australian Marketplace. This is your way to get everyone to notice your product, service or event. Have all the details, have it right, make people want what you have.
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