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Record Midsummer Cold in Russia; July 2019

Discussion in 'Daily & Chat' started by Adaminaby Angler, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Adaminaby Angler

    Adaminaby Angler One of Us

    Jul 3, 2019
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    Maragle, NSW; 948 m AMSL; 35° 51’ 30.06” S
    Record Midsummer Cold in Russia; July 2019

    Arctic air has plunged into all of transcontinental Russia this week; from east to west, north to south. In fact, average temperatures have been holding at least 8° C below average for vast swathes of the 17,125,200 km2 nation all month.

    And, over the past few days, a large number of new all-time record-low temperatures were set in the Magadan region, located to the east of the country, in North-Eastern Yakutia (Sakha Republic).

    data courtesy of www.hmn.ru

    On July 24th, in Susuman, a record breaking –4.1° C (24.6° F) was observed—busting the previous daily record of –3.5° C set back in 1973 (solar minimum of cycle 20).

    In Seimchan, –2.9° C (26.8° F) beat the previous record of –2.4° C (27.7° F) from 1991.

    In Brokhovo, the new record low for July 24 is now 4.0° C (39.2° F), of which surpasses the 4.6° C (40.3° F) from 1973 (solar minimum of cycle 20).

    The –1.4° C (29.5° F) in Talon, comfortably ousted the –0.6° C (30.9° F) from 1973 (solar minimum of cycle 20).

    Tompo's –0.3° C (31.5° F) shattered the previous all-time record of 0.3C (32.5F) from 1977 (again, solar minimum of cycle 20).

    However, in Zyryanka, the mercury fell to 2.7° C (36.9° F), merely approaching 1956's 2.0° C (35.6° F).
  2. POW_hungry

    POW_hungry Old n' Crusty Moderator Ski Pass: Gold

    May 28, 2000
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    Eastern Burbs of Sydney
    Given the annular/diurnal ranges in these locations, I am not inclined to think much of an 8C anom.
    Sounds -'ive AO inspired.