Boots REDUCED PRICE - $125 - 2011/2012 Lange RX 120 Mens Downhill Ski Boots - Size: 29.5

Jul 14, 2014

The boots are in great condition with only 50-60 days of use. Bought new in 2013, and haven't been used for the last 3 years (I replaced them with a pair of alpine touring capable boots). They have been stored in dry and stable temperature conditions.

You will need to add a footbed (insole) as I used custom moulded ones and no longer have the original foam ones.

Would suit a high level intermediate - advanced skier.

Pick up would be prefered, but I can post for additional cost.

Some more details from online:
The RX is the only boot on the market that employs a Mono-injected 100mm shell. Mono-injection delivers better performance than bi-injection. Anatomical padding is polyurethane injected, and right and left foot specific, since our feet aren’t identical. Saddle stitched seams are also featured to eliminate pressure points and overlapping material thickness. Max grip soles allow maximum traction while hiking or walking to the tram.

The unique Control Fit liner consists of a true lasted liner, anatomical padding, a one piece toe box, an instep pocket, and saddle stitched seams.

Additional Features
A longer, deeper toe dam provides a tighter seal against moisture and snow. Low profile buckles are 1/3 thinner than in the past, and sits lower to the shell for stronger more precise enclosure. Also eliminates buckle “boot out”. Last but not least, the new 100mm RX last is developed with high tech 3D imaging systems to most accurately mirror the modern foot’s anatomical shape. This includes innovative fits in the toe box, 6th toe, navicular and instep areas, while maintaining the strong Lange heel pocket.

Cuff Shape
The new RX shell is built with modern, efficient neutral and upright stance, derived from our Race Department World Cup boots. These feature a 4 degree ramp angle, 12 degree forward lean (16 degree with spoiler), 0 degree medial/lateral stance, and upper cuff of +1.5 degrees

Flex and Fit
Super Stiff Flex (120) High Performance Fit
100mm Width
Developed for high performance skiers with wider forefoot widths in mind. Brings Lange’s unique “Control Fit” to the market with an all new mono injected shell.
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