Returning to the USA on an existing ESTA


Old n' Crusty
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Jun 5, 2006
Dunedin, NZ
I'm heading to the states in November. I've got a current ESTA from a trip last year that is valid through to November 2019. Funnily enough, I couldn't find that one when searching my passport details, but it came up once I applied for a new one.

Anyway, I've updated the existing ESTA for my new accommodation address, so have saved USD 14. My only question is that you don't seem to be able to change the contact address for an existing ESTA, which remains set the same as my accommodation from the previous trip. Do you think that having a contact address in New Orleans but accommodation in Las Vegas will be too complex of a scenario for the poor dears at LAX customs and border control? I'd like to think not, but we've all heard/got stories right..?


Green Bastard
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Dec 12, 2005
Penticton, BC
Print a copy.of the hotel booking and have it available if they're wondering why you're not heading on to NOLA.
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