Question Season 2022 Any idea on over 70's and season parking yet?


One of Us
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Mar 3, 2014
So with 2021 being a total bust on top of cracking a vertebra and being in agony for a couple of months I go no skiing in at all.
I will be skiing next year and taking all advantage of being an old fart with bad manners and foul body odour.
Any ideas on when costs, terms and conditions for next season will be announced?
And as I am finding it difficult to walk up the hill with my advanced years I'll try and spring for early bird seasons parking too, any ideas on that ?


Old but not so Crusty
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Sep 17, 2003
Kiewa Valley
I think early bird might be December. not 100% sure. but the seniors option may not c have been the same timeframes. sorry, not quite old enough to pay attention to that
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