Chains Size 60 chains for sale - Canberra


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Sep 5, 2018
Okay let's try this. Take advantage of my misfortune - a kangaroo took out my trusty old reliable rustbucket in July 2021, so my old chains are available to someone who wants them. Prices are for pickup in Canberra. Also interested to trade-up for 4WD chains in my size (255/70R-16) (I have 4WD Piranha chains now).


V2 Traction Diamond chains KN60. Good condition, used twice. $70. Very easy to put on and fully tension without needing to drive forward and re-tension. As you can see these are the older model with two springs on each chain (that's a better design really), don't let the rust worry you the links are fine and I always dried out the chains after use.


König Hoop-Ladder chains. Good condition, excellent quality chain same as the hire chains (well more than one brand makes these). These are not ex-hire, I'd be guessing that they've had less than half a dozen uses in total. When I got them they still had the rubber hooks for securing the excess chain (which you can secure as pictured above by just putting the excess chain on the leaver arm). $50 OR Free with the V2 Traction chains. Yes free. They're virtually indestructible so are a fantastic chain to keep as a spare although the diamond pattern is better for traction.


You'll want to test-fit first of course.

V2 Traction​

13" : 175-13, 185/70R-13, 195/65R-13, 205/60R-13.
14" : 165-14, 165/75R-14, 175/70R-14, 185/65R-14, 195/60R-14, 205/55R-14.
15" : 155-15, 165/70R-15, 175/65R-15, 175/60R-15, 185/60R-15, 185/55R-15, 195/50R-15.
16" : 175/55R-16, 185/50R-16, 195/45R-16.

Size charts: Older size chart and current size chart. The older chart will have been closer to the manufacture for them anyway since they're the older style with two springs on each chain, but I'm too lazy to figure out if anything changed between them so it's up to you to figure out if they fit your tyres or not.


13" : 175-13, 185/70R-13, 205/60R-13, P185/70R-13, P195/65R-13, 6.40, 6.70, CR78, DR78.
14" : 165-14, 175/70R-14, 185/65R-14, 195/60R-14, P175/70R-14, P185/65R-14, P195/60R-14, BR78, CR70, ER60.
15" : 155-15, 185/65R-15, 185/60R-15, 195/50R-15,P185/60R-15, 5.60, 6.00, AR78.

Because I'm lazy please refer to this photocopy - sizes are under "Mangart group 6". It should mostly be a 100% overlap in compatible tyres, but I'm too lazy to work that out for you.


Delivery by courier also possible.
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