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May 19, 2008
I have a pair of Salomon Quest boots (circa 2012) and about a year into ownership the liner tongue snapped (plastic snapped at the articulation point bit, tongue still attached by fabric).
The shop (and Salomon) were excellent and replaced the whole pair of boots......and even let me keep the old (but not so old!) ones
So I have a pair of boots that are very serviceable.....but I'd like to replace the liner.

Any leads on accessible and affordable Salomon (I guess any brand might go OK) liners? 26.5.

Obviously I dont need or want to spend a fortune on some nice custom liners for these boots.

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One of Us
May 13, 2015
Sydney CBD
You and @Annabuzzy may be a natural fit. Of course the RX120 isn't designed the same as the Cochise, so not sure if that's a perfect match.

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