Ski instructors who are visiting Niseko 20 - 26th Jan 2017

Discussion in 'Passport' started by GavBass, Jan 5, 2017.

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    I'm going to be in Niseko from 20-26 Jan 2017 and never ski'd on powder like that before.

    I wanted to arrange private ski lessons for myself and my son (age 12) for most likely 3-4 half days.

    Does anyone know any ski instructors in Niseko who would be prepared to work privately with me for cash as using the ski schools there this would cost around AUD 500 per day.
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    Just get super phat skis and point them down hill.
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    I don't have contacts but years ago when I started in japan I booked a private instructor through Niseko Base Sports, 2 hours each morning for five days, with a small extra payment for my two daughters. It was quite reasonable at the time and set us up nicely. Only problem is the elder girl ended up getting all the compliments for technique.
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    I would think 2-3 hours is about the max you would want to do for a private lesson. Then have a break for food and drink and go back out and practice your learning for the rest of the day until you hit the wall or cease to enjoy.

    I've been doing private Japanese Language tuition and the 2 HR session is my absolute MAX! My brain is fried.

    If I were you I'd book a 2hr am session each day - get the learning in while your legs are fresh and your mind sharp, then practice practice practice.

    NBS is Y 22,000 for 2 ppl for 2 hours (about $260)

    GoSnow only do a 2hr session in the afternoon at Y24,000. Their 3hr is Y33,000 (about $390). But it is a flat rate for up to 6 so a good option for a bigger group who want a private party.

    I had a quick look at a few other ski schools and guiding companies and they all seem to be around the same ballpark, maybe a bit more exxy.