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Travel Offer SKI KAOS: Ski Kaos Thredbo Snow Trips

Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by Ski Kaos, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Ski Kaos

    Ski Kaos Hard Yards Ski Pass: Gold

    May 23, 2019
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    Ski Kaos’ Thredbo Bargain Snow Trips

    Stay in Thredbo from $350 including accommodation and bus

    Check out our Ski Kaos snow trips!
    --- Ski Kaos run bargain bus trips to the snow
    --- Our trips boast the best prices and the most fun
    --- Our trips cater to everybody – singles, couples, socialisers, party-goers and families
    --- Cheaper & more convenient than organising it all yourself
    --- All our customers get great discounts on rentals!
    --- Over 20 years experience: not only great fun, but safe, reliable & secure
    --- You only pay per-person, so “that friend” you have that pulls out & won’t cough-up can’t leave you in the lurch (there are no fixed costs to split between the rest of you).

    Departure Information
    --- Ex-Sydney via Canberra
    --- 6 Day Buses depart Sat night from Central 10pm, pick-ups in Strathfield, Casula, Sutton Forest & Canberra
    --- 3 Day Buses depart Thu night from Central 11pm, pick-ups in Strathfield, Casula, Sutton Forest & Canberra
    --- 2 Day Buses depart Fri evening from Central 550pm; pick-ups in Casula, Sutton Forest & Canberra
    --- Or self-drive from anywhere

    Our Trips stay on snow in Thredbo
    --- We use share apartments
    --- We also have a SELF-DRIVE option – you can still join in the fun, but get a discount

    Don’t Drive to the Snow!
    --- If you are thinking of driving down, please read this first:

    --- Directly download our brochure with this link: https://www.skikaos.com.au/pdf/skikaos2020brochureSCA.pdf, or
    --- Visit our website www.skikaos.com.au, or
    --- Call us on 02-9908-8111