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Ski Patrol fundraiser last two days of season

Discussion in 'Falls Creek' started by Skipress, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Skipress

    Skipress Hard Yards Ski Pass: Gold

    Apr 17, 2000
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    Barry Iddles intends to finish the ski season with a fundraiser for the resort's hard-working ski patrollers with an innovative event aptly titled Eat the Pantry Bare on the last two days of 2014 season Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September.

    Iddles says "I decided to offer value-for-money meals including a grab and go breakfast (that became eat and stay) and early family meals between 5.30 and 6.30 pm. I also believe in helping the community with fundraising events including the Long Lunch at Rocky Valley Lake and this weekend's Free Food Eat The Pantry Bare which will raise money for two Spinal Immobilisation Mattresses and much-needed equipment that the Ski Patrol will use in their recovery of injured skiers and boarders.
    "This fund raiser will conclude what has been a very good winter for the resort and my busiest ski season ever at elk Restaurant and Bar at Falls Creek."

    Footnote: The Falls Creek Ski Patrol consists of about 26 paid, 10 trainees and 8 volunteers. It currently has two Spinal Immobilisation Mattresses that are used whenever a patient is found to have spinal, head, internal, hip or fermure injuries. The Spinal Immobilisation Mattresses are also used by the patrollers if skiers or boarders have a hip injury or shoulder dislocation.
    This very valuable piece of equipment offers patient comfort and is well-suited to a range of injuries on the resort's slopes. It is compatible/recognised by the Victorian Ambulance Service and patients often travel to hospital by ambulance or helicopter still lying on the European-made Spinal Immobilisation Mattress.
    It is used daily, some days more often.
    The fundraiser on the last two day of winter 2014, orchestrated by Barry Iddles at elk Restaurant and Bar, will ensure the ski patrol can order additional equipment for winter 2015..