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Jul 16, 2007
Been reading this forum for year or so now, and thought it was about time i put fingers to keyboard, for my two pence worth.

Headed down to the snow Thur night 2 Aug, someone out of the group had to arrive on friday to pick up the keys for the accom in Jindy. So i decieded to take one for the team and take an extra day off work, so the rest could arrive late Fri night.

Of course went skiing on the friday, and it was a complete white out on top of Antons, decieded to do the Cruiser Traverse and dropped off side into the unknown and promtly fell over, practiced on the cruiser area, doing all the various runs.

Sat did the arvo lesson which although good means that on a normal day, you’re pretty tired by the time the lesson starts, which isn’t so good.

Sunday, it was too difficult keeping the group of 6 guys skiing together, so paired up and headed to top of the mountain. It was cold, -4c at the top, with -25c wind chill or so the board said, but some lovely skiing had though in some of the bowls with large patches of light fluffy snow. Exactly what everybody raves about. I've only skied a total of 3 weeks all up and spent 1 wk last yr perfecting my ice skiing at Thredbo.

Did lessons every morning and would highly recomend, however there are good instructors and some not so good. My recomendation, Peter Clarke, excellent guy been an instructor 20 years, and even in a group was able to point out to each of us exactly what we were doing or not as the case maybe, and what we should be doing. We had quite a few people drop down from the group above to join us based on what their friends where saying.
I have his details if anyone wants, as he normally does private lessons.

Tue was the best day, skiing right at the top in great sunshine. Very good conditions nice and dry, but bit softer lower down, buy easily avoided by staying on the T bars.

Am i the only one, that preferrs cloudy days so that the snow doesn't mealt? I know it doesn't make for such good photos.

Tue arvo the rest of the guys headed home, but I've a van so was staying the rest of the week and sleeping in that. I'm cheap and don't like having to pay for a double room or single person premium when its only me, also not paying for accom means that i'll be able to go again this year hopefully.

The rest of the week was disapointing as the wind picked up +100km winds so most of the lifts and T bars where closed. It was interesting waking up in the morning listening to the resort reports saying how all lifts were available to be open. Nothing about most being on wind hold. I think the operative word here is "available" as they could be open if it wasn't for the frikn wind.
Sleeping in the van isn't so bad and i generally parked in the overnight carpark, as quite a few others seem to do it too. But when the winds are high I did get shaken around a bit and woken up.
I don't blame Thredbo wholely, all of the resorts tend to be economical with the truth from my limited experience. I think you just have to be careful where you get your information from and understand their bias. Thank goodness for bom forecasts.

For the rest of the week, even though we were limited to the lower slopes I think i learnt a lot from the lessons and i achieved my target of doing a black run, deliberately i add.

thanks for the tips you've all offered and on a final note would recomend the food at Eagles nest, particularily the beef stew hotpot thing.


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Jul 5, 2001
Taungurung Country
Welcome Giddy, and thanks for the review. It was an unfortunate week with the lifts on windhold as much as they were, can't believe I missed it by a week (I was there the week before).

PS I like bad weather days too, generally means better snow and less crowds
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