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Jul 23, 2010
For those who are interested the reddit skiing page has it's own discord* of which I'm a moderator. It's mainly geared around skiers but mostly it's a group of people who love talking about snow and if I'm honest buying more gear than they need. The general rule is don't be a dick but there are full rules published on the site (and I'll put them below). With the season about to kick off it could be a good way to meet up for an impromptu ski at the resort or a drink afterwards.

Link is here:

Feel free to drop in and say hello.

* discord is a chat app originally used by gamers available for android and ios

(i) Moderators must adhere to these rules, just like any other member of the community
(ii) NSFW content must be posted only in NSFW channels, properly spoiler tagged. General smut is not permitted
(iii) Do not name-call or verbally abuse other members of the community
(iv) No harassment, trolling, spamming, or election politics
(v) No racism, homophobia or any other type of hate speech
(vi) No commercial advertisement or self-promotion without explicit permission from Admin
In addition to our server's, Discord’s rules must be followed. Please read them if you have not:
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