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Question Skiing Honshu and the non-skier

Discussion in 'Japan' started by MrT, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. skichanger

    skichanger A Local Ski Pass: Gold

    Jan 1, 2012
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    Yeah Madarao has definitely had a some big changes recently.
    Active Life now own 4 places. Someone has very deep pockets.
    I didn't know about Bergland. It is a bit remote from the rest of the village though. We see people drive down past us out of winter, especially the dunny cart. I wonder if that is one of the places they are going. Not an option in winter as they only clear to around my bottom boundary.
    Easiest access to the slopes from any of those places is across the road from us. I am seriously concerned about guests from these places skiing/boarding down the road. Last season we had a few close calls when were doing errands in the car with this. They cut the corner and cannot be seen till they are going past the back of our cars.
    And none of these guys are on top of snow clearing. Makes it really hard for the delivery guys not to block the road. We won't do anything to their vehicles but the guy who clears our street will. He is the most aggressive road clearer I have seen.
  2. Lucky Pete

    Lucky Pete One of Us

    Nov 14, 2014
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    I have seen MANY people turn up with unrealistic expectations about year round living, particularly underestiamting how difficult it can be with limited nihongo but there are plenty hotels in Japan owned by Gaijin that are purely winter only and the owners live year round, some have a better quality of life than others but its absolutely possible. Although maybe the market in other places is still too soft for that?

    Whilst seeing an upswing in foreign guests each green season, Japanese guests are still the vast majority (95%+) for many of us gaijin accommodation owners in Hakuba over Green season. I think you may underestimate how many of us gaijin do nicely over that time with Japanese guests. You have to work to make this happen and spec your places accordingly though. One night turnovers arent ideal but that is the market and most times we have week days to do that. This is common across Hakuba so why not other places?

    Something that surprised me is that a LOT of our Japanese guests love that I am Gaijin, and that I am happy to interact with them and much prefer its me doing check in/out. That cultural exchange is all part of a great stay for them and us.
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  3. M_G

    M_G M_G_ = Make skiing great again Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 2, 2009
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    That's what I said.

    The problem is that many foreign owners are ill-prepared for or unwilling to accept local guests. Other areas may start to grow their foreign visitors market but it's a long road to hoe. For now bottom line is that 10-12 week window. Anything else is cream on top.