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Jun 29, 2001
Corunna Lake. NSW
Rick Walkom has asked me to post on this forum for THE PASS lovers,
If you can assist with the requested information below Rick would greatly appreciate it, As I personally have a copy of his book and thoroughly enjoyed It' I can also see the need for an updated version. I figure many minds could contribute a great deal of knowledge, Stories and photo's than just a few.

Rick emailed to me the following request,

It’s now 30 years since ‘Skiing Off The Roof' was published. About 20,000 copies have been sold but it is due for an urgent update as the book only spanned 1930 -1980.

I have been requested to do a 2nd edition to bring the history up to date ie 1980 - 2019. The resort has also requested that I have the book printed by the beginning of the forthcoming 2019 season. This is a tall order but achievable as long as I get the information and photos asap. This deadline has been set because the current Chalet will celebrate its 80th birthday this season.

I departed Charlotte Pass in1984 and therefore my knowledge of the place from then up to the present day is rather scant! I need your help and I need it very quickly. I would be very grateful if you could cast your mind back over the period you spent in that wonderful place and supply me (by email or phone) with as much information as you can (say, divided up decade by decade). I only need significant stuff and I will pad out the new chapters with plenty of good photos. Personally, I don’t believe there were too many events of historical significance over the period in question except (say) the infamous ‘sewerage disaster’; the sale of the village to the new owner and a couple of other events?

Could I prompt you by suggesting the following:-

If you have any good photos, carefully copy and send them. (Your iPhone can make good copies.) Captions are obviously very useful. No scenery shots unless fantastic!

Need your details; your main job/s in the village and when you worked/stayed there.

Other people you think I should contact (contact details).

Who were the key staff in your time - the ski school/mountain staff; the drivers/mechanics; the Chalet staff/bands; the bosses/managers; lodges/staff etc

The mountain characters/ funny things that happened!

Events in your time in the Village.

I would love your input - ….. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

We all had an absolute ball down there so I think it’s worth putting a bit back in. If you come up with something really good you may end up on the front cover.

Best Wishes,
If anyone would like to contribute please PM me and I will forward Rick's contact details.
Thanks again
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Jun 16, 2005
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This is exciting! 15 years ago I got a freebie of the first printing of Skiing off the roof in return for helping Klaus Hueneke with editing and historical information for one of his books. It is one of the the most enjoyable and informative resort histories I've read.

I'm not an expert on Charlotte Pass, although I do have a few fragments of stuff on the area around Kunama / Albina. After the surprising success of my history of a former small ski resort, I have a long term project to write a history of a large resort, which I should easily finish before the centenary.

Wishing you the best of luck and please let me know in the unlikely event that I can help in any way.


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Jun 22, 2016
I have a few mates who worked there in the late 80s. I'll ask them if they have something.
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