Snow Depth Reporting


Hard Yards
May 1, 2002
Outer SE Melbourne
Over the years I've been skiing, I have noted down the daily snow depth reports on the resort websites, usually on a daily basis and used this information to produce graphs so I can compare years etc. Since man made snow is important from a "skiability" point of view, that depth is important, especially when natural depth is marginal. Of the Victorian resorts, I believe the man made reports from Baw Baw and Buller are accurate and have been read regularly. However both Falls Creek and Hotham are being very lazy and reporting absolute rubbish. Both FC and Hoth. today are reporting 134 cm of man made, which is Tosh!!! Hotham at least gives the date when it was last measured ( which is about three weeks ago) .
So to Falls and Hotham I say LIFT YOUR GAME and report man made accurately every few days.:mad:


Maintenance Dept
Mar 14, 1995
Clarence Town

It's not just snow depth. When you pull down the daily commentary into a spreadsheet you can see that most days it's barely changed, maybe a word or two from previous day - and whole months are pretty much identical.

This has been happening for 20 years I have been directly involved. Thredbo's is so formulaic I'm sure they have it all prepared and ready to go in May, recycling from the previous year.

The irony is they actually put effort into a voice onto FB, because social media, but even that has become a little lazy this year and seems to be suffering from the 'Satchi' effect - where an overpaid ad agency either writes the social posts on behalf, or dictates the voice with strict style guides.
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