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Suggestions- 3 Day walk Munyang- Kerries

Discussion in 'Backcountry' started by Kletterer, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Kletterer

    Kletterer Thredbo Doughnut Tragic Moderator

    Nov 26, 2014
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    Been going through some options for a 3 day walk. Thinking of doing a biggish first day, slack second day and return on the 3rd.
    Day 1 Munyang- Schlink- Gungartan- Kerries- Mawsons Hut. Circa 18km 8.5 hours
    Day 2 Wander up to Cup + Saucer ( maybe Tarn Bluff) - Big Bend- Valentines
    Day 3 Back to Munyang via AAWT.
    Any suggestions welcome.
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  2. zapruda

    zapruda One of Us Ski Pass: Gold

    Apr 4, 2017
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    I honestly think that anytime spent on the Schlink road is a waste of time. The powerlines, the people and massive road are such a turnoff.

    I say skip staying at the huts in favour of some solitude and lovely camp spots. It’s the best thing about Jagungal imo.

    Heres my suggestion:

    Day 1 - Start at Guthega Dam and head up the spur past the old trig. Cross the Rolling Grounds all the way to Dicky Cooper Bogong and then drop down to Schlink Pass. Head straight up to Gungartan and set up camp near Gungartan Pass for night 1. That should be around 15km. There are plenty of flat and protected spots to pitch a tent around the pass as well.

    Day 2 - Head toward Tin Hut using the Valentine initially as a handrail. Morning tea at Tin then a lovely stroll along the Brassy’s to Cup and Saucer. Climb C&S then head down the saddle between C&S and Mailbox hill. Drop down the drainage line and find Bluff Tarn. Note - Tarn Bluff is the high point above the Tarn, Bluff Tarn is actual Tarn. People often get confused and can’t find the Tarn while up on the bluff :). Head down to Big Bend and cross the Valentine. Visit Mawsons and then head up to the Kerries for the night. Set up camp just above the tree line at around 1900m. 15km for the day.

    Day 3. Head toward Gungartan again via the Kerries but drop early and follow one of the feeder creeks that lands you right out the front of Schlink Hilton. There is somewhat of foot pad down the drainage line. Follow the road all the way to Whites River Hut and then use the old track up to the Rolling Grounds. Retrace you’re steps on the Rolling Grounds all the way back to Guthega Dam. 16km.

    It’s such a nice loop and your certainly won’t be starved for views or things to see.

    I wouldn’t recommend this in bad weather.

    Let me know if you want a map with the route.