Tarptent Scarp 2 for Snow Camping

Matt Spencer

Hard Yards
May 8, 2004
Does anyone have experience using this tent for snow camping (with the optional crossing poles)?

I recall this tent being quite roomy when I shared one a summer camping trip, which is important because I'm fairly tall (6'4") and so is my regular touring partner. Does this tent suit Australian snow camping conditions? Should I just put up with the extra weight and get something like a Macpac Olympus? Do you have any other tent suggestions?


Hard Yards
Jun 20, 2007
I've got the Scarp 1 for solo hikes.

You haven't really said what you will use it for. The Tarptents have compromises to ensure a lighter weight. They are great if you are going to be carrying them. The Olympus will be a better snow tent, but at the cost of an additional 2kg (or so). Not a problem if you're camping from the back of the car.

I've used the Scarp in snow before and its been good - have got the cross poles as well but haven't had to use them in anger.
The Scarp is pretty roomy. I'm 6' and have room to spare - certainly a lot better than a lot of single person light weight tents.
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