Telemark Transition to NTN

Telly Savalas

First Runs
Jul 12, 2021
Just made the change to NTN and are not sure if I have a problem with my boot/binding set up or my style.
My previous set up was Scarpa T1/22 Designs Vice. My new NTN combo is Scarpa TX Pro/22 Designs Outlaw X.
My first time out was on the weekend and although I felt great edge initiation and connection with the snow, I found
that the boot bellows were way soft compared to the T1s to the point that the boot was pushing down on to the tops of my feet.
Has anyone had this experience when transitioning to NTN? Are the TX Pros really soft or is it about a different technique with NTN?
As I said edge control was better than my 75mm gear but the foot crush doesn't feel right.
I don't consider myself to be any better than intermediate so I am thinking it is a technique thing or do you think I need TX Comps?
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