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Event The great Sydney Hailstorm of 1947

Discussion in 'Daily & Chat' started by Joshua Randazzo, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. Joshua Randazzo

    Joshua Randazzo First Runs

    Jan 1, 2021
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    I'm sure at least some of you are aware of the major hailstorm that hit Sydney on new years day 1947 when a classic supercell tracked in a line from liverpool to the eastern suburbs of the city before dissipating out at sea east of bondi, this storm produced hail larger then 8cm according to newmans BOM report of the storm.

    The storm was first spotted at 10:00am over the blue mountains with the bom noting how the storm was developing very different from other storms with the underpart of the cloud being mottled and serrated rather then mammilated and look angry black, while false cirrus tuffs were discernible at the top.

    The storm cell intensified as it got closer to the coast with it having a very peculiar formation east of liverpool according to newmans report of the storm,hail the size of billiard balls fell over the south western suburbs before unleashing it's full power over the CBD and the eastern suburbs with hail the size of oranges reported over the eastern beachers with a ww2 veteran who was sunbathing at Bondi Beach stateing "though [he] was back in the firing line overseas".

    People who were at sydney eastern beaches were subjected to the 8cm+ hail without any selter.

    Now time for details about how this storm formed into a supercell. on the day the max temp recorded was 32.7 and humidity reaching 73% as well as a north east sea breeze.
    here is a link of newmans report of the storm:https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Phenomenal_Hailstorm_with_Thunderstorm,_Sydney_1st_January_1947

    As can be read the sea breeze caused it to form into supercell as well at very little capping inversion.

    very large hail falling into water from classic supercell at rose bay in sydney's eastern suburbs.

    Photo of giant hail that fell at bondi beach. looks like some 10cm stones there!

    classic supercell structure as the storm moved out to sea.
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