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The sudden passing of a Benlomond Legend !

Discussion in 'Ben Lomond' started by BenLomond Iceman, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. BenLomond Iceman

    BenLomond Iceman One of Us

    Aug 22, 2000
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    It is with sadness that we hear early this week that Hugo Haring SNR passed away... Everyone that has been coming to Benlomond regually over the years would know or know of Hugo.. A Great mountain character and all round good bloke who lived for his family his ski club and the mountain .. A great tradesman and hard worker who was always positive and had a real go! ...Our condolences to Mrs Haring , Hugo JNR Ange, Monica and their familys and to NTAC (Northern Tasmanian Alpine Club Inc ) Who have lost a great club man and Friend of the mountain RIP Hugo
  2. VSG

    VSG Pool Room Moderator Ski Pass: Gold

    Jan 1, 1998
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    Sad. I did not know him, but I see he was very much loved and a hard worker.
  3. North Face

    North Face First Runs

    Jul 19, 2008
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    A sad day for everyone who knew him. He skied full throttle right to the end. We will all miss him. He has taught me a lot over the years and always had a positive outlook on everything. There aren't too many 77 year olds on the mountain who can burn off people on the slopes a fraction of their age!!! We'll miss seeing Hugo and his hat on the slopes. Ben Lomond won't be the same without him.