TR - Australia Day Extra Long Weekend - Thredbo Camping and Walks


Hard Yards
Jul 17, 2008
Took a couple of extra days to make the Australia Day Long weekend a 5 day stay at Thredbo Diggings.

IMG_1004 (Medium).jpg

Weather was fine and hot with temperatures dropping once the sun went down.

IMG_1010 (Medium).jpg

On Saturday K10, M10, Cranky Pants and I walked to Kosciuszko from Thredbo

IMG_0932 (Medium).jpg

It was cool and quite windy but clear and sunny giving good views of the Main Range and Victoria

IMG_0942 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0945 (Medium).jpg

Still a bit of snow up there too.

IMG_0937 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0953 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0967 (Medium).jpg

Got to checkout the nuclear blast shelter
IMG_1924 (Medium).jpg

And plenty of wild life and flowers
IMG_0948 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0990 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1000 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0959 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1919 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0997 (Medium).jpg

We even saw a spider...(Can you spot it?)

IMG_0971 (Medium).jpg

and some snakes!!!

IMG_0976 (Medium).jpg

On Monday. M10 and Cranky Pants and I caught the chair to the top then walked the Merritts Traverse

IMG_1936 (Medium).jpg

Very pretty at the top and really funny seeing all the places you ski in the resort without snow.

IMG_1943 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1948 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1956 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1957 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1958 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1960 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1962 (Medium).jpg

The end of the walk was a steep road from Merritts which was actually harder than the uphill from Antons to the Gun Barrel.

IMG_1963 (Medium).jpg

When we weren’t walking, K10 was mountain biking with Telecrag while M10 and CrankyPants rode around the Diggings on their bikes, played with their new friends, swam in the river and discovered wombat holes.

IMG_1933 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1987 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1991 (Medium).jpg

IMG_2002 (Medium).jpg

IMG_2008 (Medium).jpg

IMG_2017 (Medium).jpg

IMG_2015 (Medium).jpg

IMG_2004 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1993 (Medium).jpg
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One of Us
Ski Pass
Aug 16, 2007
Cool trip report Jag & crew!

Looks like you had heaps of fun. Have to get down for a walk soon.
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