Travel Insurance for weekend and day trips.


First Runs
Jun 1, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I'd like to hear people's opinion on whether they think it's worth getting travel insurance if you do an organised or impromptu weekend or day trip up to the snow.

Eg Live in Melb, head up to Buller for the weekend or just the day.

Do you get insurance if you're heading up for longer than that?

Just curious. Are you covered for rescues etc if you injure yourself on the slopes and need assistance if you don't have insurance?


One of Us
Apr 8, 2003
Blue Mts
Rescues are often pulled off by volunteer groups and are always co-ordinated by the police. Hence they are free. You may be asked to contribute afterwards if your planning was poor or you ignored cautions issued by the BoM or resort managerss and you came unstuck.


Part of the Furniture
Ski Pass
Aug 16, 1999
Mostly Australia
Seak is half correct. However if an ambulance is involved you had better be sure your ambulance subs are paid up coz the cost if transport off any mountain is huge! And read the fine print if you think ambulance is covered under Private health insurance often it only covers emergency transport and NOT transfers between hospitals which happens frequently.

I wouldn't be bothered with travel insurance as such.
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