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Trip Report Sun 20th- Fri 25th

Discussion in 'Thredbo' started by Pedestrian, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Pedestrian

    Pedestrian One of Us

    Dec 18, 2002
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    Howdy all.

    So...after spending the night in canberra headed down to Thredders. Got into the village about 2pm and about 4-5deg above zero with R*** coming down pretty heavy. After tossing up whether it was worth heading up got Kosci up at 3pm and found it snowing reasonably up high but quite wet. Did 4 runs down Strail/WC etc before I got over being soaked at the bottom and frozen by the time I got off the chair. \

    Monday awoke to plenty of the fresh stuff although it was quite heavy all over but best on Antons/Sponars. Was buggered and hungover so only actually made tracks from 10am til 2pm which was unfortunate but not to be helped.

    Well rested, Tuesday was probabaly the best of them as the weather turned for the better, freshies were still to be had especially up high. Did a couple of walks up above the top of Merrits for tracks skiiers left off Waimea. Groomers were amazing and fast with great quality layer of fresh.

    Wednesday didn't bother going up at all but reports were thateverything was trashed and the groomers starting to get a bit hard. Never spent a day just trundling around the village but it was pretty enjoyable.

    Thursday went hard after the rest and everything WAS trashed but if you were prepared to take some time to search there were a few faces that were still quite soft and not too chopped, including up Sponars and powder bowl (surprisingly) and the bluff. Groomers were getting bulletproof but little beauty was pretty ace even at the end of the day, did four laps down it to finish off at 415pm.

    Today I was exhausted and skiing was useless, headed up but was just lazy and came down at 1pm. Groomers were stupidly hard and massive ice patches all down Crackenback runs with patches of manmade to place your turns wisely. Moguls on the ungroomed are getting pretty big and rutted and uneven.

    Havent got pics yet, might upload them later if i remember

  2. whatajoke

    whatajoke Hard Yards

    Jun 23, 2004
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    Central Coast
    Nice Report Pedestrian, Love to see some pics.