UBB to XenForo Upgrade Nov 2013 - Returning Members FAQ.

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1. Quick Instructions for returning members
To log in, use your previous Display Name or registered Email address from the old UBB forums along with your previous password.

2. Forgot your old UBB Display Name or password?
Use your previous email address to reset password using the Forget password option.

3. Epic fail... but still prefer to activate old account?
Forgot both your Display Name and email address from your old account? Or old email address no longer valid? Contact us and detail what you do recall.

4. Last Option
Create a new account (you can now create a new account log-in with Facebook)

Details about the Forum upgrade
In late November 2013 these forums were upgraded from the UBB.Threads platform to XenForo. For returning members this necessitated some changes to the log-in process.

The old UBB.Threads platform had four key elements for each member account, Email, Username, Display Name and Password. The Username was required for log-in and Display Name was visible to the public. Usually these were identical but many members choose to change their Display Name over the course of time.

With the upgrade to this new XenForo platform the migration process required the elimination of the old Username and so the old Display Name became both Username for log-in as well as Display Name on these new forums.

Platform Changes Summary
UBB | XenForo
Old Email = Current Email (no change)
Old Password = Current Password (no change)
Old Display Name = Current Log in & Display Name
Old Username = Obsolete and removed.​
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