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One of Us
Apr 8, 2003
Blue Mts
To the administrator of this website, I am grateful for your work here... but very disappointed by vulgar ad for should-be-banned knife that appeared in a large form while reading ski.com.au/backcountry.
Can you report it to Commonwealth authorities, please. If not, why not?



Maintenance Dept
Mar 14, 1995
Clarence Town


Ads on this site run automatically using Google’s Adsense ad-technology stack - no one here, at ski, decides what does and does not run. In fact, your browsing habits elsewhere on the internet determine what ads get put in front of you - in fractions of a second as soon as an ad-slot comes into view on your screen.

There’s a whole world of mind boggling online ad-technology going on that is entirely out of the hands of small, zero-weight players such as this forum. Unless you have been living under a rock, most folk know by now that their online behavioural privacy has been sliced and diced a zillion ways and onsold to anyone who wants it.

We do have a few broad controls. All the so-called ‘sensitive’ categories are disabled (e.g. gambling, religion), plus many other categories, such as political ads. There are many ways to be offended by ads, we circumvent a good volume of such opportunities but without disabling all ads, I guess some will always slip through. Disabling potentially offensive ad-categories hurts the bottom line but we do it anyway.

The ad in question is highly likely not illegal and likely falls into the ‘sports’ category for which I have no intention of disabling least I simply shut the entire site down.

Google has the best controls, not perfect but the best in the game at keeping illegal ads out of play. So the question of its right to be shown is with the ‘Authorities’.

All that said, and whilst I sympathise a great deal with why - (and at this point I’m speculating, presuming and/or projecting) - why you find the ad so offensive, you are shifting the burden and exerting your will upon me - of which I will not oblige.

Please feel free to complain to said ‘Commonwealth Authorities’ and report back on your effort, progress and success/failure.

In the meantime, I’ll reacquaint you with our 100% ad-free product available to you for just $11 per year (Ski Silver). Protect your privacy and never see an offensive ad on these forums for an entire year. On balance, it’s significantly the least effort with a bigger privacy benefit payload for you - but also for me…. It keeps the lights on better-er.

All online ads suck balls.
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