US Visa's & Canada - VWP eligible or do I need B2?


One of Us
Jun 28, 2002
Have been searching on the US visas website but can't find a definative answer as to whether we are eligible for the visa waiver program or if we need to get B2 visa's.

Our situation is: Fly to canada with a stopover in LA on the way on Nov 16. Spend the season in Canada. Leave canada via road and drive through USA down to san fran around the end of April. Will be In USA for less than 1 month.

Obviously the first 90 day VWP will have expired by the time we visit 5 months later. Are we then allowed to apply for another VWP or will the not let us? As we are entering the country more than once in the 6 (or 12) month period does that mean we need to apply for a B2 visa??

I remember last time I got the Visa but it was a bit of a hassle and lots of people said I would have been ok without it.



One of Us
Jun 5, 2005
Perth, far from the snow
I don't know - ring the Consulate.

Doesn't it say on the website that you don't need the visa if you're there for 90 days or less - but that days spent in Mexico or Canada count towards the 90 days?


One of Us
May 3, 2003
You will need the visa as the waiver will not reset by visiting canada or mexico. When I did the season I didn't visit the US after as I did not have the visa, however I did know of people who didn't have the visa and were let in. It seemed to be how the customs officer was feeling on the day, though imagine it would be a lot tougher now.
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