Sold Used Konig T2 magic chains 050 $100 Melbourne


Hard Yards
Apr 21, 2009
Diamond pattern chains suitable for use in Victorian resorts.

Auto tensioning, one stop fitting, super easy to fit and be on your way. You'll be half way up the mountain while the guy who was next to you in the chaining bay is still trying to untangle their aldi chains.

Sells new for $230.

Pick up from Brunswick East (Vic) or postage if you really want, but they are pretty heavy.

Dirty looking, but excellent condition, all links in-tack and no damage. I can show you how to fit them on pickup if you want.

Suitable for a variety of size 13" - 15" inch tyres including - 155/70-15 155/80-14 165/60-15 165/70-14 165/80-13 175/55-15 175/65-14 175/70-13 185/60-14 185/65-13 195/45-15 195/55-14. Please get your exact tyre size and check that size 050 is correct for you.

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