Skis Volkl BMT109 Vacuum Skins For Sale

Jon Page

Hard Yards
Mar 31, 2019
Relisting these as I couldn’t even give them away last time. Utterly lethal set of skins who I wish all the best for whoever picks them up. if you are interested to try the vacuum skins on your BMT109 in a 186cm this is going to be the cheapest way to experience buyers regret…I tried to get a refund from Volkl as they release at the worst possible time, get the worst reviews in living memory and are essentially a death trap. There is no price for these, only the postage $10. Please note, I can only recommend that whoever uses them does so in very very very low moisture snow…anything other than that, leave in the cupboard like I have for the last few years. These skins are only for the BMT109 in 186cm and can’t be fit to any other ski. Good luck. In Melbourne for collection 3000 or 3141 if you prefer.

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