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Review W100 V W112

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by DPS Driver, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. DPS Driver

    DPS Driver One of Us

    Jul 18, 2014
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    A few people have contacted me about the difference between the new Alchemist W100 and the W112. I was riding the W100 @184cm.

    I've had a few days on the W100 here in NZ with a mix of fresh and firm and have got it sussed. Really loving the ski.

    The obvious conclusion is that the W100 is a slightly more nimble, shallower snow specific version of the W112. If I were travelling to NZ I'd take the W100, to Japan the W112. There are certainly a lot of similarities but enough differences to make a difference.

    On firm piste the W100 is slightly easier to initiate, holds an edge extremely well with great rebound. Off piste in bumps and chop she handles well and is easier to control than the W112 because there's less ski to throw around. In the fresh boot deep they were effortless but I felt they were a notch back on the W112. We had a couple of runs on outward bound that were spring like in the afternoon but on the last run cloud came over and turned the spring snow to leg breaking gluey crust. I adjusted my stance to locked legs and all was fine. They motored in the spring like snow with little difference to the W112 but would have preferred the W112 for the gloop run.

    We've stiffened the tails on both so the on-piste performance is better in the 2020 version I'm skiing and what is in Australian retailers currently.

    They are very much alike and certainly high performance all mountain skis. The intended destination and snow depth would be the defining factor in which ski I would buy.