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Ways To Avoid Extra Charges For Car Rental Christchurch Airport

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by ScottWilliam, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. ScottWilliam

    ScottWilliam First Runs

    Oct 17, 2019
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    Walking into a Car Rental Christchurch Airport should be a simple task. Walk-in with a reservation, identity proof, and your credit card and walk out with the set of keys. But more often than not, selecting and returning a rental car is a confusing array of add on offers and potential fees. You can avoid it and making the best out of your vacation by keeping in mind a few things.

    Tips & tricks to avoid extra charges

    No one likes being hit with extra costs when they travel. Find out the common extra charges for Car Rental Christchurch Airport, and see what you can do to avoid any nasty surprises during your trip.
    • Clear with the counter staff for the cost of the insurance or extra charges you need to pay for it.
    • You can avoid the upgrade cost by selecting the sane car that you booked.
    • For the dispute of the damage, you have to present the evidence that it wasn’t your fault
    • Contact the rental companies if you have to add extra days to your trip
    • Discuss the toll charges, fuel charges and extra charges for young drivers depending on the policy of the Car Rental Christchurch companies.
    Above mentioned points can be helpful if you are planning for a trip across New Zealand. You should enquire or discuss your queries before you get a car rental.