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Adam Visick

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Jun 24, 2020
A question from a Scottish couple. We're currently looking at the wearesno ski internship program in Canada. It seems almost too good to be true and we were wondering if anyone had any experience/knowledge.
All we can find are 5* trip-advisor reviews and we were wondering what the cons might be? Is there anything we should be aware of going in?
Also, are there any couples out there who have gone together and could share their experience?
From what we know so far it's a hostel type living situation, where we would not be able to share a bed, but from a financial perspective it seems like a very good deal (lift passes, accom etc) which might balance this out.
Any advice would be appreciated.

(First post on this website as we could not find any British equivalent and this appears by far to be the most comprehensive forum out there)


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May 6, 2010
Welcome to the forum.
And yes you’re right - this is the best snow forum going :thumbs:

I don’t have personal experience of wearesno but internships and season long training/instructor exams are generally pretty awesome. Accomodation is usually shared hostel type, meals are usually up to you but some provide part meals, most provide lift tickets, transfers and training in the cost and the internships generally provide contacts for work (which will generally be only in the absolute busiest peak of the season when they’re fully booked).

However I’d be cautious regarding a 20/21 course. The Canadian border isn’t exactly open for all right now, where we get international travel, and when is still very dependent on the course of Covid19 at this stage.
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I took a look on their site, it seems light on details. They're keen to get your name and email in exchange for promise of more info. The eligibility check was very cursory and again went straight to asking for name and email. Maybe it gets better and they come up with lots of details once you start dialogue. Most importantly, how much are they charging for sorting you out with a job you could probably line up for yourself?

On the plus side they appear to be partnered with reputable BC resorts Silver Star and Mt Washington. I'd check with the resorts directly to enquire if these internships are with the report's own snow school or in some other less official role that would tell you much about the legitimacy of the program.

The Silver Star snow school in particular is very high calibre and you would receive some excellent training there. Ask them about the general conditions and pay rates and hours available.

Hard to fathom job market this coming season. In theory unemployment will be high, but government programs to relieve the sudden shutdown are paying sufficiently that it's tempting to stay home rather than work. Perhaps by the time the season rolls around the system will have closed up the gaps and Canadians will fill those jobs. There'll be fewer front line workers needed at the mountains with significant overseas visitation since international tourism won't reopen until there's a vaccine or effective treatments.

Traditionally it has been pretty easy to get an entry level instructor job on your own initiative. Arrive late November, take a level 1 course early December and make it known you're looking for work. If you have decent interpersonal and communication skills and show ability to absorb and learn on snow, you'll get a job. Those early season courses are run mostly so resorts can hire entry level instructors for the coming busy season. You can expect to teach kids and first timers for the great majority of the season, butbthe training clinics run by senior instructors are very valuable - the resort really does want you to ski better.


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Oct 26, 2002
$10k for the season and a L1 entry level "qualification. Jobs on offer won't be anything more than kids and beginners casual.

The ski world is awash with these types of "internship" style pay to train style courses.

A young gap year participant would probably have a great time and it's all organised for the fee.
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