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MOD Note: No changes from previous winter weather forum rules.

The 2020 snow season is approaching, and the snow is already here!

The Moderators in the Weather Forum always start to tighten things up at this time of year, other wise things would be chaos.

Here are the rules, in case you have forgotten them:

- The Weather Forum is to be used for weather and snowfall related topics.

- No abuse (engage the topic not the person)

- No bad language

- No misleading posts or misinformation.

- Posting statements of opinion like they are actual facts will generally be deleted. In some cases, these may be edited by moderators to include "IMO" (In My Opinion) so other people will not confuse opinion with fact

- Don't just post "wishes" or "hopes" for big dumps of snow. Unsubstantiated "predictions" are likely to attract ridicule, so it's best to explain your reasoning for a prediction.(if possible!!!

- Don't post the same old thing in every thread. You can post predictions of big dumps or droughts if you like, but don't do it over and over. These will be deleted.

- Humour is OK, but keep on topic.

- If you have a question, do a quick check to see if there is another current thread on the same topic. If you don't, you risk splitting the discussion or getting your thread locked.

- Frivilous threads will be locked or deleted.

- No SHOUTING for the whole post. (caps lock on)

- If a newbie asks a technical question that has been asked before, do not ridicule him/her.(I'm not talking about a question like "How much snow will fall at Thredbo on the weekend";) If you couldn't be bothered answering the question, don't post anything unhelpful. We were all newbies in the Weather Forum once upon a time....

- If you are posting date related threads, please adopt a standard format, including whether it's predictions or observations:


Predictions: 5-9 August

Observations: 14-17 August

That way, it will make it easier for everyone to find what they're looking for. It also stops predictions(opinion) and observations(facts) getting mixed in the same thread.

BBQ threads are allowed for a little lighthearted banter, but if they're posted with the intention of derailing 'serious' thread then they will be locked.

Let's hope it's a good season!!!
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