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Wet Snow

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Jul 15, 2019
Mena, AR, USA
Hello Wonderful Friends:

I've recently ran across a website which has a plethora of US weather information (maps, forecast maps, cloud/doppler/sat loops, temperatures, etc.). Please see:
Mouse over the headings (Local Weather, 10 Day Forecasts, Other Forecasts, Severe Weather, Radar, Satellite) to see the options under that heading. Click on an option to see more information, maps, loops, etc.
The ones I like to keep up with daily are US Watches & Warnings (Severe Weather), U.S. Radar Weather [Doppler Radar map of US] (Radar), Fronts & Pressure Centers [Daily weather feature map] (Local Weather)

Hope This Is An Interest & A Help!

Kind Wishes--Take Care--Stay Safe--GOD Bless~~~Wet Snow
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