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One of Us
Jun 2, 2009
i know how to ski on a budget,

socks - Free (work)
Board - $50 (hire)
Boots- free (hire deal)
pants -$50 (ex hire)
Jacket- $80 ($800 new 10 yrs ago)
Beanie -$0.99 (ebay)
gloves $1.50 (ebay)
shorts- free, (girlfriend presents)
Tshirt - any cheap one i can find in the cupboard, say $30.
goggles -$150

total $350 approx.

obviously this doesnt count my backcountry setup. this would a typical day at Persher/thredbo wherever...

5 nights accommodation on Snow in Spa room with girlfriend at the time..........
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a friend of mine remarked yesterday that he could never recognise me on the hill as I had so many outfits and that I must have one of the most expensive wardrobes on the hill!

Wrong, I corrected him - I have quite a few outfits, but all the ski wear I have in my wardrobe cost lest than the new jacket my wife bought herself at the start of this season.

For instance the pants I wore yesterday were goretex Oxbow pants that my wife got through an Aussie online store that sells clear out clothing lines ( not often ski gear though ) I got 2 pairs of Goretex pants and a Goretex jacket for $120 - pants $30 each and jacket $60

The jacket I was wearing was a Bonfire sample I bought at a sale at Ski Man about 3 years ago - a bit loud ( bright orange ) but I couldn't care and it's down filled Goretex, toasty warm with loads of pockets and cost $220

I've only had 2 pairs of boots since 1991 - Raichle Flexon Comps and then Kneissel Flexons, which are pretty trashed - might trade into some FT for next year.

All my other gear was bought at silent auction fundraisers ( lined North Face jacket with zip out fleece liner jacket - $100 ), end of season sales or overseas and if I get bored of it, then I resell it at Surrey Hills Ski and Board and more often than not get my money back. With the amount of days on snow I get PA, I reckon it's the best value clothing I own - well, apart from boardies and thongs down the beach in January
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Old n' Crusty
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Oct 12, 2007
Telemark Phat said:
I hate to think
Thats gotta be tough, how are you going to get through that Phd?
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Hard Yards
Apr 23, 2005
Telemark Phat said:
I hate to think

I'm too scared to add it up

My missus is on these forums

BrumbyJack said:
I added it up a few years ago for insurance.... bike & ski gear ended up at 6 digits at RRP.

I just try not to think about it too much

I would guess i would come close to that if i added kayaks and surfboards as I only have two bikes

Hey telecrag, would you include your van as ski equipment since you bought it to sleep in when you go skiing?
Even with out it i reckon you are probably ahead of me $ wise just because of all your fancy bikes
I have more skis than you though since i do it both ways
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Part of the Furniture
Aug 17, 2003
In Aussie dollars

Socks $40
Pants $300 (got them in Canada, they're goretex, hopefully got the conversion right)
Jacket $250
Helmet $130 (? I think)
Gloves $100
Goggles $150
Boots $300 (got them in Canada, same disclaimer about the conversion)
Board/bindings $800


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