Question Where to ski/snowboard for beginners

Discussion in 'Perisher' started by Anuj, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    I have planned a one week trip to Snowy mountains this winter (end of june - hoping there's enough snow by then). I have been to snowy mountains once last year for 3 days (snowboarded for 2 days) but haven't learned properly. Went to perisher last time and found their beginners area a bit small and definitely too crowded. I want to know if there's a better alternative for me to learn snowboarding with a bigger beginners area as I can't ride the T-bar or Chairlift yet. How does Thredbo compare? And what about smiggin holes?

    Side note, we will probably be taking lessons for first day or two regardless of the place, i just want to be able to ride the mountain rather than the very small 50-100m slope area that I was limited to at Perisher due to lack of skill.

    Thank you in advance.
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    *if* there's enough snow I've found Friday flat at thredbo great (better) for absolute beginners (with my kids at least) recently but you'll need to get on that chairlift - may as well get that down now, it's slow and they're used to beginners.
    However, once you're happy at Friday flats I reckon perisher is much better for a developing skier.
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    Thredbo's beginner area is called Friday Flat and has been recently expanded.

    There's a very early beginner area at the bottom with a carpet ride, and almost flat, 50m long area, which would keep a day 1 beginner entertained for an hour our two.

    Then there's an 80m long, slightly steeper carpet ride on the other side of Friday Flat

    And then there's the Easy Does It chairlift which runs the length of Friday Flat, about 300m long which is super easy to mount/dismount and a bit more challenging than the other two.

    And they've now added another carpet ride at the top of the Easy Does It Chairlift, which takes you to a new run called Giddy-Up which is around 250m extra, running parallel, but a bit steeper than Friday Flat
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    About half of Smiggins's skiable area is suitable for beginners. If you start there, you progress from magic carpet to J-bar to chair to T-bar. Once off the magic carpet, work from north to south. When you can ride (up and down) the duplex T-bar, catch the Link T-bar and head to Perisher.
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    Blue Cow ski school looks good for beginners
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    Smiggins or Selwyn if enough snow =late June is not v reliable.