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Advice needed Which Canadian Town would you immigrate to?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by webberchoked, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. DPS Driver

    DPS Driver A Local

    Jul 18, 2014
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  2. Scooter One of Us Ski Pass: Gold

    Mar 1, 2001
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    Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    They a regular on here hey?

    Don't know the site but its funny as I was reading a thread the other day on TGR and somebody was bitching about Vail and how it used to have ski bums and be laid back and was now overrun with tourists and had been corporatized etc. and discussion turned to how many of the folks that were looking for that laid back "real mountain" how it used to be vibe had been moving to places like Fernie/Red etc. so I guess mirroring the article.

    What was also interesting was somebody that was a Whistler resident of 20+ years also commented about "yeah things had changed" etc. so its all relative - personally I would be quite happy to give Whistler a go :D but think that it all depends where you are coming from - I reckon for me there would be a 100 mountain towns that would do me just fine ;) (just need some snow and some hills to ski/ride on). TGR does make for some interesting reading at times.
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  3. Chowder11

    Chowder11 Part of the Furniture Ski Pass: Gold

    Oct 21, 2003
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    I was reading the same thread in the TGR forum also.
    I take a lot of what I read in there with a grain of salt. There tends to be a fair bit off, it used to be better in the old days, it never snows anymore, in 5 years there wont be snow because of global warming, I hate tourists, and I know whats best for these multi-million dollar corporations even though I'm a bloke who waxes skis ex wannabe park rat pro who still smokes weed every night.

    But it is good for honest condition reports, much like the forums here away from the resort marketing froth.

    They are spoilt for amazing choice on the West coast of the states, they have a good choice of mainstream town/ski resort choices like your Whistler, Vail, Jackson Hole etc.... Then there is an amazing choice of off the tourist trail towns and resorts as much spoken about in here.

    They need to spend some time skiing in Aus.

    FWIW, I wouldnt do Whistler to live, way to busy and Job wise it would be very hard to land something decent that pays well and leaves good playtime.
    If I was to do the ski bum move thing Id definitely be looking at a smaller town with a small resort close by then use a bit of time off here and there to destinate the bigger commercial resorts.
  4. sly_karma

    sly_karma Green Bastard Ski Pass: Gold

    Dec 12, 2005
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    Penticton, BC
    Hard to argue that Rossland, Nelson, Fernie and Revelstoke aren't nice little mountain towns, they are. Pemberton is different but I guess it can still be viewed as a mountain town, whatever that means. It's a farming and logging community where some of its residents commute to Whistler for work. There's a small backcountry sledding/hiking group but most of the backcountry skiers drive up from the city. My two cents worth would be to add Golden to the list, same small town feel with ski resort close by as the other four. Massive backcountry opportunities. Personally I like the little town but many view it as a dump (because it has some industry?). Pure resort towns are sort of hollow, if you're not connected to the tourism industry then you're either unemployed or working online. I like places where there's a real town with real jobs, the resort is just one more aspect to their economy. Revelstoke has active timber mills, rail yards and highways just like Golden. A few more historic buildings doesn't make it any more legit as a mountain town.
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