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Review Whistler - yes ski improvement & extremely Canadian

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Crawf, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Crawf

    Crawf Hard Yards

    Aug 13, 2017
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    Recently spent 2.5 weeks in Whistler and wanted to share my thoughts:

    Aava Whistler Hotel
    -One of the cheapest places in the whistler village (centre) that I could find.
    -great hot tub and pool.
    -good location, very short walk to lifts.
    -good sized rooms.
    -sound proofing internally was poor. Could hear walking in hallway and other rooms.
    -is a dog friendly hotel. Whilst I love dogs still getting my head around this. The odd dog barking could be heard!
    -based upon price I would stay there again.

    Yes Ski Improvement
    -great four day improvement program, concentrating on basic skill development and technique (things that I don't necessarily have!!)
    -quite a large operation although all the staff were fantastic with some of whistlers best instructors.
    -keep in mind that it is focussed on instruction so it is a relatively slow pace.
    -very glad I did it and will likely return in the future.

    Extremely Canadian Steeps
    -best part of my trip.
    -small instructor to skier ratios. 2:4 and 1:2 from my experience although I was lucky in that bookings were down. Apparently normal is 1:4.
    -originally booked into 2 day program but rebooked another 2 days.
    -not focussed on instruction (was a bit more in the first 2 days session with some video) so much as finding you the steepest and best powder and providing you with tips, and techniques to safely navigate the terrain.
    -they seemed very focussed on ensuring groups were appropriately matched ability wise (hence the low numbers per instructors).
    -I was able to ski places on the mountain that I would likely have never found or would never have felt comfortable skiing on my own.
  2. Hermannator

    Hermannator One of Us Ski Pass: Silver

    Jul 9, 2010
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    You only heard walking...
  3. Marty_McSly

    Marty_McSly What a plonker. Ski Pass: Gold

    Jul 12, 2011
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    Hunter Valley Whine Country, NSW
    Could be a typo?
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  4. Schnitzelnschnapps

    Schnitzelnschnapps Hard Yards

    Jul 24, 2017
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    Thanks for sharing! We were seriously considering the Aava in January and it looks beautiful and modern, but we actually thought it was quite a hike to the lifts? We had our 7 year old with ADHD with us, we opted for Le Chamois in Upper Village, even our daughter couldn't complain about that short walk to the gondola/ski school.

    We noticed a lot of dogs around the village, I wish here in Australia we had more dog friendly accommodation options to stay at when on holiday.
  5. Zeroz

    Zeroz A Local Ski Pass: Gold

    Apr 8, 2002
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    Bouvet Island
    As I was told by one of the EC guys a few weeks ago....

    Whistler now gets Vail skiers as the resort was bought by VR. Vail skiers are sold accom + Extremely Canadian package.
    Vail guys are very confident they are can handle Whistler because "they have skied Vail back bowls".

    Ego management required. Those Extremely Canadian sessions are referred to as Moderately American.
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